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Used Mobile For Sale In Pakistan

Used Mobile For Sale In Pakistan

Hello there! Today, let’s dive into the world of buying used mobile phones in Pakistan. Here, used phones are sold in a couple of ways. First, there are phones that users buy brand new and then resell them in the mobile market.Then, there’s another popular category known as ‘used phones kits’ which are secondhand phones brought into Pakistan from other countries and sold after import.

In Pakistan, ‘Used Phones Kits‘ usually consist of well-known brands like Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, Sharp Aquos, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and more. These are phones imported in a used condition from abroad. You’ll find both Non-PTA and PTA-Approved phones in this category across various mobile markets in Pakistan.

Now, within these ‘kits,’ there are typically two types:

1: Used Refurbished Kits:

These phones are imported as used or refurbished from China. They might look brand new because the casing and body parts are replaced to give them a fresh appearance. The internal components, however, are used. They’re often packaged with new protectors and in fake boxes to look new.

Buying Tip: When purchasing such phones, always get a checking warranty from the seller as these aren’t sealed, and there could be faults.

2: Branded Used Phones Kits:

These phones are imported from the USA as used phones. They offer excellent performance without undergoing any part replacements. They’re simply cleaned and sold in the condition they arrive in. These phones are imported from the USA to Dubai’s free zone and then brought to Pakistan.

This trend is quite popular in Pakistan due to the availability of good-spec phones at lower prices. Plus, you can get them PTA approved whenever you want.

In summary, Pakistan’s ‘Used Phones Kits’ market offers diverse options from recognized brands, appealing to varied preferences. This trend’s popularity stems from affordability, providing access to impressive specs at lower prices. offering a wide selection, warranties, and accessible services across Pakistan.


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